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Pixlr Creator Joins Inmagine Group to Further Refine and Extend the Popular Image Editing Suite

Hong Kong (January 29, 2018) - Pixlr creator and founder Ola Sevandersson has joined Inmagine Group to spearhead ongoing enhancements to the powerful Pixlr image editing suite. Inmagine acquired Pixlr, one of the world's most widely used cloud and mobile photo editors, last year. In his new role as Pixlr's CEO, Mr. Sevandersson will lead the development and introduction of new features and functions to support the growing Pixlr community. He will be based in Sweden.


Inmagine Expands its Global Creative Ecosystem

Portland, Ore., USA, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 13 November 2017 - Inmagine Group, a global leader in the creative industry, continues to strengthen its global creative ecosystem with two recent acquisitions. Inmagine is joining forces with Story & Heart, a filmmaker academy and video licensing platform supported by a worldwide community of filmmakers, while Inmagine's 123RF, one of the world's largest royalty-free digital stock agency, has acquired Vectr, a web-based vector graphics editor.


123RF Acquires Autodesk Pixlr to Boost the World's Creative Ecosystem

SAN FRANCISCO and HONG KONG, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- 123RF has acquired Pixlr, one of the world's most widely used cloud and mobile photo editors from Autodesk, Inc. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
With the addition of this powerful and free image editing tool ...


Tencent appoints 123RF as Smart Performance Advertising Official Global Reseller

KUALA LUMPUR, (14 March 2017), - Tencent has recently appointed 123RF as its official global reseller under its "Zhihui Tui" or Smart Performance Advertising program. Zhihui Tui is an advertising platform that brings together three of Tencent's biggest advertising segments, namely Information, Entertainment and Social, with the aim of ...


Inmagine Group acquires TheHungryJPEG to complement creative ecosystem

Hong Kong, (08/03, 2017), - Inmagine Group, the stock image and assets group that owns major digital platforms such as 123RF,, and StockUnlimited, has announced the acquisition of TheHungryJPEG (THJ) for an undisclosed sum. This is consistent with the overall strategy of Inmagine Group to build one of the top ...


Exclusive: Stock image & design business firm 123rf looks to list as founder mulls exit

Chicago-headquatered stock image and design business, 123rf, is seeking an initial public offering (IPO) targeted within the next 12 to 18 months. Founder Andy Sitt, a Malaysian, who is now beginning to draw some limelight onto his company, as he seeks to raise the profile of 123rf among funds and investors ...


Microstock-Agentur 123RF bietet für seine Kunden das Programm Corporate+ mit Adminverwaltung

Nidderau, den 16.01.2015 : Die Microstockagentur 123RF, welche aktuell über 35 Millionen digitale Inhalte in ihrer Online-Datenbank anbietet, stellt für große Kunden das Programm Corportate+ zur Verfügung ...


Microstock-Agentur 123RF auf der Viscom 2014

Nidderau, den 25.09.2014 : Die Microstockagentur 123RF, welche über 30 Millionen digitale Inhalte in ihrer Online-Datenbank anbietet, stellt ihr Angebot interessierten Besuchern auf der Viscom 2014 in Frankfurt vor. Zu dem Angebot von 123RF gehören neben Bildern und Illustrationen auch Videos, Audios und Logos.


Microstock-Agentur 123RF unterstützt das Projekt „Der Kalender der Hundertjährigen”

Nidderau, den 11.09.2014 : Die Microstockagentur 123RF bietet ab sofort Unterstützung für das Crowd-Fundingprojekt „Der Kalender der Hunderjährigen”. Das Projekt beinhaltet einen hochwertigen Wandkalender für das Jahr 2015 mit 12 Natur-Bildmotiven und 12 Geschichten einer 102-jährigen ...


Microstock-Agentur 123RF macht ab sofort über 29 Millionen Inhalte online verfügbar

Nidderau, den 03.07.2014 : Die Microstockagentur 123RF bietet ab sofort über 29 Millionen Bilder, Illustrationen, Videos und Audios in ihrer Online-Datenbank an. Damit erweitert 123RF sein Microstock-Angebot wesentlich ...


Payoneer Announces Partnership with Stock Content Platform 123RF

New York City - June 2, 2014 - Payoneer Inc., a leading online payments company transforming the way technology companies and SMEs send and receive cross-border payments, announced today that it has expanded its leadership position in the stock photography industry by partnering with 123RF, one of the Internet's fastest-growing royalty-free microstock content suppliers ...

2014/03/05 Enters 2014 With Game-Changing Acquisition of Inspirestock

Chicago, USA (March 5, 2014) --Renowned royalty-free microstock content supplier is set for more aggressive expansion this year following a full buyout of premium stock content agency Inspirestock, thus positioning itself in the market as the exclusive supplier of premium content at microstock prices ...