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Bonjour! Come and meet our featured photographer for the month of July - Laurent Renault a.k.a tilo from France. He enjoys photography so much that he pretends every photo shoot is his first one, just to feel the thrill and he believes that every experience is indeed unique. Now, let’s sit back, chill and get to know more about Laurent Renault in this edition of Hear It.

Photographer: tilo/Laurent Renault
Country of Origin: France

1. Production Equipment: Please list the production equipment that you use on a regular basis (eg. Cameras, lenses, flash & lighting, photo editing software).
CANON 5D, 400D, 24-105 L IS, 70-300 IS, 50mm f1.4, Sigma 17-70.

2. What do you think of photography these days?
Photography can either be the best or the worst, but sometimes it can also be a bit of both since it is digital photography after all.

3. What did you want to be when you were younger?
I wanted to be older.

4. Tell us about the time when you first got started in photography.
I prefer telling people that everytime I take photographs, I pretend that it's my first time ever. I don't like to hear people saying that they started taking photos while they had their umbilical cord attached, when they were in their mother’s womb.

5. In your opinion, what does it take to become successful in this industry?
To be successful, I think you have to offer something very different and extraordinary.

6. What was your biggest challenge coming into this industry?
My challenge was trusting myself a little bit more.

7. What are the best perks as a Photographer?
The best perk? You get to shoot your own photo ID.

8. How do you plan for your shooting sessions?
I rarely plan my photo sessions. I only need a text file with some ideas put together.

9. How would you describe your work to first time viewers?
Only with my pictures.

10. Do you shoot to what your heart tells you or do you go through a complex checklist in your mind when you produce your work? Describe the feeling/checklist.
A mix of both actually, yes.

11. From your experience, what subjects gives you the greatest satisfaction? Any examples?
Usually it’s the subjects that can sell well ;)

12. From your experience, what subjects are the hardest to work with? Any examples?
Animals. Especially when you want them do something special.

13. What is your philosophy when it comes to your work?
I just try my best to get it done.

14. Describe who/what inspires you, tell us why?
A lot of things and people inspire me but there is nothing and nobody specific.

15. Tell us about a time when inspiration just hits you, and you felt the insatiable urge to create. What did you do with that energy?
I went to bed... too bad!

16. What have you discovered about yourself through photography? Whose work do you admire the most? Why?
I discovered that I may be crazy but I already knew that before.

17. Whose work do you admire the most? Why?
God's one, because there can't be anything better than that.

18. Do you have any advice for those who are just getting into stock photography?
I don't really like to give advices because I know that every experience is a unique one.

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