Hear It!
An Interview with Sean Gladwell

Sean Gladwell or better known as hypermania2 from West Sussex, UK is the highlight of Hear It! this time around. A highly skilled freelance graphic designer and digital artist, we take a peek into his creative background and share his experience in the design industry.

Photographer: Sean Gladwell
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

1. Production Equipment: Please list the production equipment that you use on a regular basis (eg. Cameras, lenses, flash & lighting, photo editing software).

2. What do you think of photography these days?
Stock Photography is as good now as it's always been, just more accessible thanks to microstock agencies.

3. What did you want to be when you were younger?
A Car Designer.

4. Tell us about the time when you first got started in photography.
I have always had an interest in photography, but mainly kept it on a personal level until the introduction of digital cameras some time back. Since then my interest has grown, as obviously developing costs have zeroed!

5. In your opinion, what does it take to become successful in this industry?
If you work hard then you will be rewarded, I am lucky as I have been in the creative business all my working life and have bought hundreds of stock images over the years so have a good idea for what might sell.

6. What was your biggest challenge coming into this industry?
Haven't come across one yet. Finding time is probably the biggest challenge though.

7. What are the best perks as a Photographer?
Gaining recognition for your talent.

8. How do you plan for your shooting sessions?
I usually think about ideas for weeks before producing images, but some times on the spur of the moment.

9. How would you describe your work to first time viewers?
A mixed bag really. I love photography, illustration and digital manipulation. So when you view my portfolio, you will probably get the impression of a multi skilled individual - I hope! :)

10. Do you shoot to what your heart tells you or do you go through a complex check list in your mind when you produce your work? Describe the feeling/check list.
I never use any check list. I take hundreds of shots all the time as and when I have time.

11. From your experience, what subjects gives you the greatest satisfaction? Any examples?
I like challenges. So I do not have a favourite subject - shooting ice-cream is quite tricky but fun!

12. From your experience, what subjects are the hardest to work with? Any examples?
Ice-cream and animals.

13. What is your philosophy when it comes to your work?
Accept every brief offered to me. If I mess up, I learn from it.

14. Describe who/what inspires you, tell us why?
Walt Disney - sounds strange I know, but I spent my whole childhood drawing all the characters. I love how you can turn a blank piece of paper into something magical with personality.

15. What do you do when those creative juices just seems to evade you. How do you "get creative"?
Have a break, I must be working too hard. Creativity isn't hard. It should come naturally and easily. When I do get the feeling that my creativity isn't as it should be, I do something completely different - go to the movies, read, cook or have a night out. The best thing is to walk away for a while and not worry about it.

16. Tell us about a time when inspiration just hits you, and you felt the insatiable urge to create. What did you do with that energy?
It's happened so many times. My wife is getting fed up of me waking up at 3 am (Editor: Wow!) and sketching ideas that literally popped into my dreams.

17. What have you discovered about yourself through photography?
That I love it more than I thought.

18. Whose work do you admire the most? Why?
My own obviously and maybe Jason Knott, an old school friend who is a fantastic photographer.

19. Do you have any advice for those who are just getting in to stock photography?
Yes, learn Photoshop and experiment!
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